How To Install Air Cooled Heat Exchanger?

- Jan 26, 2018-

Air cooled heat exchangers are commonly used in large and medium-sized space heating cooling system. It is a combined unit consisting of heat-dissipating pipe and perforated plate frame, use hot water or steam as heat medium. It is suitable for air conditioning heat exchange system and drying room system. Different media has  different installation. Following is listed by the XIMEN electrical installation process.

1. First of all, unload to the scene, install steam pipe (if hot water, install hot water pipe). Steam enters at top and leaves at bottom (hot water: enterg at bottom and leave at top).

2. Second, install the appropriate valve. Install the valve and filter on the inlet steam pipe or inlet water pipe. But this is not necessary, and the installation location is not fixed. It needs to be analyzed according to the situation on site to decide whether it needs to be installed. In addition, install the traps on the return pipe.

3. Third, plug in the motor power switch.

4. The fourth step, open the steam then open the fan. Be careful to wait for the steam to turn on for a while before turning on the blower. The same with hot water, open the hot water then open the fan.

5. Finally, after using close the fan then close the steam. The opposite to hot water, close the hot water then close the fan.