How To Install The Stainless Steel Evaporator With Drain Pan?

- Jan 05, 2018-

VRcooler could supply stainless steel evaporator coil, floor standing installed

And how to install stainless steel evaporator?

First installation of lifting screw hole, and then the stainless steel pipe and wire holes are also opened together, the latter two holes for the fixed and prevent the opening left hidden dangers, since the evaporator after the drainage pipe for the 300mm vertical plate positioning , drainage holes and vertical plate evaporator vertical and vertical before the drainage hole, the height difference between those two are all 250MM, if for cold room, re-drainage pipe also need to wear drainage electric wire, if for cols storage does not require heating wire, the same elsewhere.

2. It should be noted that we produce the installation of the hoisting evaporator inlet is not against the door, the best evaporator hanging in the refrigerator inside the longest which is the end, there is the evaporator out the best tuyere do not point the door, it is best to be arranged in the central, so that it can facilitate maintenance.