How To Lose Weight Quickly Through Frozen Foods?

- Jan 15, 2018-

How to lose weight quickly through frozen foods?

US researchers said that diet for weight loss, the volume of food is also one of the factors that affect weight loss. The convenience of nutritious frozen food can be used as a method of controlling the volume of food. Nutritionists working at the university's food science labs compared two diets, with subjects using the first diet plan consuming their own prepared food according to the Nutrition Pyramid guidelines. Subjects who used the second diet regimen consumed 

packaged frozen food as their main meal daily, with secondary meals configured according to the "nutritional pyramid". Both diets contain 1700 calories per day and the same amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Before the start of the experiment, both groups reported an average daily intake of about 2,400 calories; the subjects weighed about 97 kg and the body mass index (BMI) ranged from 26 to 42 and belonged to overweight or obese people. During the eight-week diet, all subjects reduced their daily calorie intake to 1,700 calories and, as a result, lost weight. However, compared with the first group of subjects (5.1 kg only), the second group of subjects who packaged frozen staples lost more body weight to 7.4 kg, and the average body mass index decreased by one more than the former unit.

For this result, the researchers believe that the consumption of processed frozen staple food, with some of the nutrients to facilitate the control of the regulation, and prepare their own staples, you need to pay attention to choose their own mix in the cooking, it is actually very difficult to accurately follow "Nutrition Pyramid" requirements do more 


Whether subjects are able to maintain their existing weight depends on whether they can sustain this scientific diet. In fact, the success of this research is to show how effective and how important a diet is to controlling weight. The experts who presided over the study also said: "Actually, the problem is really that simple."