How To Maintain A Evaporator Coil?

- Jan 31, 2018-

How to maintain a evaporator coil?

1. Frequently conduct the leak detection of evaporator voil. Leakage is a common fault phenomenon in evaporator coil and should be paid attention to frequently during the use.

When the ammonia evaporator leaks, there is a pungent odor, the leakage point does not frosting.Use phenolphthalein test paper for the leak, because ammonia is alkaline, the phenolphthalein test paper turns red.

When you look at it, it's usually a leak point where it's not frosted somewhere in the evaporator,you can also use soapy water at the leak.

The freon evaporator leak detection can use halogen lamp and halogen leak detector, also can use soapy water to look for leak. Check to see if there is grease on the evaporating line.

Because the freon can be dissolved with the oil, when the freon leaks, the oil will leak out from the leakage point,

So where there is oil, there is leakage. When the halogen lamp is leaking,if there is a freon leak somewhere, the flame of the halogen lamp is changed from blue to green, light green, green, violet, purple and other colors to determine the amount of freon leakage.

If the flame is dark green or purple, the light in the flame is poisonous and cannot be checked for a long time.In this case, you can check the leak point with soapy water.

A halogen leak detector should be used for leak detection.

2.The frosting condition of evaporator is often checked. When the frost layer is too thick, should defrost in time.

When frosting is abnormal, it may be caused by blockage, and the cause should be searched in time and eliminated.

3.When the evaporator has been stopped for a long time, the refrigerant will be stored in the reservoir or condenser, and the pressure of the evaporator will be kept at about 0.05mpa (table pressure).

If the evaporator is in the salt pool, it is necessary to flush the water with running water and fill the tank with running water.