How To Maintenance Of Condensers Coil And Evaporators Coil?

- Dec 29, 2017-

Maintenance of Condensers and Evaporators

1. Refrigeration technicians clean and maintain the condensers and evaporators every half year.

2. Maintenance of Cabinet evaporators: Clean the air filter, evaporator heatsink and water tray once a week.

3. Maintenance of Water-cooled condensers and Evaporators(remove dirt): Prepare a 10% hydrochloric acid solution(0.5g corrosion inhibitor per 1kg acid solution); Disassemble the condenser and close both ends of the evaporator inlet and outlet flanges, then fill it in acid solution. Pickling time is 24 hours. It can also use the acid pump to cycle cleaning and the cleaning time is 12 hours; After pickling, use 1% NaOH solution or 5% CaCO3 solution to clean for 15 minutes. Finally rinse with water more than 3 times. After all cleaning, check for leaks.If leaking, apply for foreign maintenance. If not, reinstall it.(If the flange sealing gasket has been aging, it should be replaced)