How To Tell If Ac Condenser Is Bad?

- Dec 23, 2017-

How to tell if ac condenser is bad?

Cooling system bed: After the regulator is energized, the refrigerant in the refrigeration system of low pressure steam is compressed into high pressure steam compressor and discharged to the condenser. At the same time, the outdoor air sucked by the axial fan flows through the condenser, taking away the heat released by the refrigerant and condensing the high-pressure refrigerant vapor into a high-pressure liquid. 

Heat exchange with the outdoor air to become medium-temperature and medium-pressure refrigerant liquid, after the capillary throttling and depressurization, after cooling into the evaporator, and at the corresponding low pressure evaporation, to draw around the heat. At the same time cross-flow fan to make the air continuously into the evaporator between the heat exchange between the fins, and will radiate the cold air to indoor. So indoor air circulation, to cool the purpose.

If condenser bad, normally is leakage issues.If you could find the leaking point, you 

could do following

1. Weld the leaking point (surface welding), to avoid blocking the copper tube;

2. If there are series leaking point on it,  you can take over the top and bottom of 

the condenser to take over that section run over

3. After repair,do pressure leak detection, add refrigerant, then OK