New Heat Exchange Equipment Specification-advantage Of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

- Jan 31, 2018-

New heat exchange equipment specification

Air conditioning system maintenance costs are generally 20% to 30% of the wet cooling system, due to the air cooler air side pressure dropped to 100Pa ~ 200Pa, so running costs low. In combination with the investment cost, the one-time high investment of direct air cooled equipment is often less than the long-term operating cost of the wet-cooling system.

As the air-cooled units did not escape the mist mass, no rain noise, reduce the pollution of the environment, improve the visibility of the air. Air-cooled system is not sewage, so no impact on the environment of water. In addition, the use of air cooled system to avoid wet cooling unit of the fog and waste heat on the environment pollution in the industrial zone but also to prevent the chemical waste gas and vapor encounter the chemical corrosion, wet cooling system of sewage must be treated to achieve Environmental 

Protection Act The prescribed cleanliness can then be discharged into the natural environment. In some water stress or environment-critical areas, must be through an expensive waste water recycling system to deal with sewage water to ensure water-saving benefits.

Water comparison table

TypeWater m3 / hWater m3/dWater m3/a
2X600MW wet cooling system2615627521438×10000
2X600MW air cooling system74217808402×10000

Air cooled heat exchanger specification

Design   temperature12
Design   pressureKpa12
Air   temperature37.9
Windward   aream211880
Air   speedM/s2.3
Tube   bundle numberunit448
Heat   transfer area of tube bundle m21394950