The Concept And Working Principle Of The Dry-cold Device

- Oct 17, 2017-


Dry-cold device (DRY cooler), that is, drying-type cooler, its working process without water consumption, is through the tube to take liquid, tube outside the natural wind to cool the tube liquid, reduce the liquid temperature in the tube, to achieve the purpose of cooling.

The cold-air conditioner is often used as a part of the air-conditioning in the energy-saving room, because its working process does not consume energy, so it is often used as energy saving parts.

The liquid in the cold-air cooler is called the coolant, and the glycol solution is usually used in the engineering.

Working principle

Working principle: Ethylene glycol solution through the cold and cold air heat exchange with the outside, the natural cooling to obtain the cooling, and then by the circulation pump the low-temperature glycol solution into the air conditioner table cooler in the cooling room return air, and finally by the fan will be processed into the room.