The Cost Of Building A Cold Room?

- Dec 25, 2017-

With the economic and cold storage installation development, cold room applications are expanding, more and more enterprises need to build cold storage. The cost of cold storage has always been the concern of the majority of users today. Now let's talk about how much it cost to build a cold room?

Cold storage installation involves more content, for enterprises to build a cold storage overhead is not only the cost of cold storage itself, as well as other items of expenditure, the following is a common cold storage installation overhead.

1, Cold room costs. Here refers to the design, installation and equipment materials costs. Cold storage costs depend on the cold storage size, cooling capacity, equipment configuration and other aspects. Larger scale cold storage installation project, the lower the temperature, the higher the equipment configuration, the higher the cost of cold storage.

2, For large-scale cold room project and cold storage in the planning of land or special-purpose installation, most of them need to go through relevant formalities and pass the examination before construction. Contact third-party unit review or safety design and planning, need to spend some time, may also have some costs (design fees, etc.).

3, Site cleaning. Prior to the official construction companies need to organize the site, remove the harmful elements. If the ground is not flat or not solid enough, you need to use concrete reinforcement. At the same time be prepared for the right power and water or water storage facilities.

4, Safety facilities. In order to improve the safety of cold storage operations, enterprises should prepare safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and safety facilities, especially large-scale cold room installation and chemical cold storage installation.

5, Other equipment. Cold ROOM temperature is low, some cold ROOM temperature up to -30 ℃.

In order to ensure the efficiency and safety of warehousing operations, enterprises should be equipped with antifreeze work tools and shelves. In addition, in order to avoid the pollution of the goods, a layer of clean wooden board should be laid on the floor and the goods should be placed on the board.

Taken together, the cost of building cold room is mainly the cost of cold room costs. Large-scale cold storage installation involves more content, larger scale, other aspects cost is larger than the small cold room, more spending terms.