The Development Of Cold Room Has Highlighted The Problem Of Refrigeration Industry

- Jan 17, 2018-

China's refrigeration industry started late, and with the development of China's economy, it is now entering the initial stage of development.From the national conditions of our country, It is an inevitable trend that refrigeration industry is hot.Firstly, China is a big agricultural country. Whether it is the consumption of agricultural products or exports.

All need the support of cold chain industry to maintain the normal production and circulation.Secondly,With fishing, grazing and storage in the national economy.

The development of the economy that occupies a high position also promotes the development of the cold chain industry.

Recently, the construction of cold storage in all parts of the country is in full swing. The fruit farmer raises the agricultural product cold chain logistics upsurge.

On July 27, the "cold storage lease contract" formulated by Beijing fengtai industrial and commercial bureau officially entered the probation period, and the contract was refrigerated.

To further ensure food safety, we have made more detailed agreement on the warehousing process of frozen food, temperature control, equipment maintenance and personnel protection, etc 

Economic development is the first element that drives the development of various industries. From the current stage, the development of refrigeration industry in China is large.

There is no doubt about the potential. However, due to the late start of industry development, industry compulsory standards are deficient, 

There are still more problems to be solved in China's frozen refrigeration industry.

At this stage, the level of cold storage in China and the level of refrigeration technology have gradually narrowed the distance from overseas.

As the potential of the frozen market has been excavated, the domestic front-line refrigeration brands have also entered the frozen refrigeration industry, For example, Gree has developed advanced refrigerated containers, which have pioneered the domestic market. Midea established the refrigeration business unit.

All of this shows that China's refrigeration industry, driven by enterprises, is moving forward gradually and gradually approaching the developed countries

As is known to all, the cost of cold chain logistics in China is relatively high, one times higher than that of developed countries.

There are many reasons for the high cost, such as the cold chain information is not smooth, or the staff is jumbled, or the system management is lacking.

How to improve the cost of cold chain logistics, the social foundation, market foundation and enterprise foundation are the basic problems to be solved urgently?

In addition, it is also crucial for the industry to formulate the mandatory standards for implementation and standardize the development of the industry.