The Difference Between Condenser And Evaporator

- Oct 17, 2017-

Condensers and evaporators belong to heat exchangers. The so-called heat exchange, is that there are two or more different types of temperature of the fluid between the heat transfer equipment, so also known as heat exchange equipment. As a result, the structure of condensers and evaporators is different but the working principle is the same, which is a kind of heat exchanger through the refrigerant and the external medium which flows through the surface of the container. The condenser and evaporator are the same on the factors that affect the heat transfer, and the heat transfer is related to the area of heat exchange, temperature difference and heat transfer coefficient.

The condenser and evaporator work in different ways, condenser is to the medium cooling liquefaction, external exothermic; The evaporator is the medium endothermic gasification, absorbs the outside heat, namely the refrigerant is from the gaseous to the liquid, is a condensation exothermic process, the pressure is generally very high; the evaporator refrigerant is changed from liquid to gaseous, is an evaporation endothermic process, in which the pressure is generally lower.

In conclusion, condenser is one of the main heat exchange equipment in refrigeration unit, which is used to condense refrigerant superheated steam cooled into refrigerant liquid and radiate in cooling medium. Commonly used cooling medium is: water and air.

The evaporator is a refrigeration system for heat exchange between refrigerant and low-temperature heat source equipment, but also refrigeration equipment, one of the main heat exchange equipment. In the evaporator, the refrigerant liquid evaporates the heat of the cooled medium at low pressure and low temperature, and becomes the refrigerant dry saturated gas or superheated steam under low temperature and low pressure, which produces and outputs the cooling amount in the refrigeration system. The evaporator is located between the throttle valve and the refrigerator back to the gas mains, or between the liquid supply and the return manifold of the vapor-liquid separation equipment, and is installed in the cooling or freezing space.

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