The Regulation Effect Of Air Conditioner Heat Exchanger

- Jul 30, 2018-

The regulation effect of air conditioner heat exchanger

In order to further improve the energy-saving effect, the heat source pump system can be separated from the system with different running time, and the back water pipelines respectively form several independent systems, and the cooling tower is also divided into several parts. The system is controlled separately.

When the outdoor air is treated with a heat exchanger, a bypass pipe that draws in the atmosphere may be provided according to the specific conditions of the building. In the winter or over-the-wave season, heating or cooling is not performed by a heat pump, and the method of controlling the rotation speed can also be adopted.

For example, the surrounding Buri floor-mounted heat exchangers and the indoor ceiling-mounted hoisting heat exchangers should be designed not to cause heat to cancel each other when the two types are used at the same time.

Failure occurs during normal operation, most of the reasons are caused by materials or manufacturing quality cover problems, the parts should be replaced in time to strengthen maintenance.