What Can We Do If Condenser Coils Are Dirty?

- Mar 13, 2018-

If condenser coils are dirty, you need clean your condenser coils.

Condenser cleaning: cleaning in chemical industry production process, due to many reasons, the condenser in the equipment and pipeline routes will produce a lot of such as coking, oil dirt, scale, sediment, corrosion products, polymer, such as dirt.Produced by these dirt will disable equipment and pipeline route, device system can produce production decline, adverse circumstance, such as energy and material consumptions increasing corrosion dirt particularly serious when still can make process interruption, device system was forced to shut down, directly cause various economic losses caused by, and even malignant accidents may happen.


1, Sterilizing alga: first of all the water into tank water tank bottom of the device.250 g per ton water join destroy bacteria - BTS, circulation cleaning 2 hours, the purpose is to kill and stripping adhesion on the surface of the condenser, microbial slime.Two hours later with high-pressure water * physical methods, such as cleaning out sediment, fall off in the system of algae and loose scale.At the same time check the spray type circulation cleaning system leaks.Fixed nozzle is normal water, portable spray system for leaks, whether can work normally.After cleaning out sewage and waste residue.

2, Pickling descaling: when the system for hot dip galvanized after corrosion inhibitor completely dissolved, add amino sulfonic acid, to carry on the spray type circulation pickling.Can a small amount, partial component joined amino sulfonic acid.Largest sulfamic acid solubility between 10% ~ 10%, so every time don't too much, while adding acid reaction phenomenon can (with gas discharge).To control the PH = 1, acid concentration is 3% ~ 5%, until the scale completely dissolved in the water.And in the process of cleaning, use the portable sprinkler head to spray a corner.Cleaning operation personnel should always observe cleaning on the surface of the coil, at any time with a movable rotating nozzle cleaning position adjustment, prevent cleaning blind Angle.When the concentration of the system balance, control at constant PH = 1.Devices' surface visual scale can be over, if there are any drainage phenomenon in the cleaning process should be in accordance with a certain proportion adding corrosion inhibitor and water.

3, Add hot galvanizing is special inhibitor: bottom infuse new water tank () the minimum quantity of circulating water.To spray work cycle, add g scale star hot galvanizing is special corrosion inhibitor, water add 4 ~ 5 kg per ton (4 ~ 5 ‰).Let it dissolves in clean water, prepare the way for pickling descaling.This can not only guarantee the quality of adding corrosion inhibitor, save work and safety.

4, Passivation film: condenser after cleaning, metal surface in the active state, should carry on the passivation film processing, the new tanks in water injected into the bottom transverse groove, to passivation membrane of circulating spray.This work for 2 ~ 7 hours, keep the PH = 8 ~ 9, circulating spray after passivation film ended.With artificial cleaning condenser chassis within the sediment, dirt, cleaning can be ended.Equipment acceptance can be performed.

Flush out after 5, pickling waste liquor.When the spray pickling after descaling, should get rid of waste acid as soon as possible, as far as possible to shorten the time.Wash with water spray system.When flushing water close to neutral.PH = 5 ~ 6.5, water spray washing over.


Matters needing attention

When operating mobile spray cleaning, should be in advance to do a good job of safety protection, including acid rubber boots, gloves and acid proof clothes, pants, glasses, masks.Water pipe to received operation working face, for a rainy day, the ground should be 2-3 working personnel operation, in case of operating movable nozzle staff accident.