What Causes Leaks In Evaporator Coils?

- Mar 13, 2019-

What causes leaks in evaporator coils?

1. The chiller evaporator copper tube itself may have mass.

2. The overcooling in the copper tube of the evaporator of the freezing unit causes the frozen water to freeze and the copper tube is broken.

3. During the operation of the chiller, due to the change of the chilled water flow, the internal pressure and temperature changes of the evaporator cause the heat exchange of the copper pipe to be uneven, causing slight damage to the unfavorable point. After a period of operation, there is a disadvantage that the copper pipe is broken, and then Causes chilled water to enter the system to produce excessive cooling and severe ice formation. As part of the copper tube ruptures, the pressure in the system is released into the chilled water system, causing the chilled water line to be filled with air. The pressure of the chilled water pipe increases, the water supply tank cannot replenish water, and the amount of chilled water is seriously insufficient, causing damage to the copper tube until it breaks. The freezing point protection, pressure protection, etc. do not exist or do not cause a vicious cycle until a large area of copper tube leaks.

4, maintenance is not professional, not in place.

Trouble shooting steps for chiller evaporator copper tube leakage:

1. First, check the copper tube of the evaporator to determine the number of copper tubes that have leaked.

2. Secondly, the nitrogen is used for the flushing work. After reaching a certain level, the condenser, the evaporator and the compressor are dried by taking the solar lamp, and the system is simultaneously vacuumed by mechanical equipment. The next step is not possible until the system is already dry.

3. Then replace the copper tube, replace the new copper tube with the unit and expand it, and restore the opening. Lifting, disassembling the compressor and cleaning the inner bearing, the casing. After the completion, reinstall the compressor and lift it to reset.

4. Then, replace the unit's refrigerating oil, oil filter, and refrigerant drying filter. After the expansion is completed and the compressor is reset, check the leak, add nitrogen to check the leak, and keep pressure. After the leak check and pressure keeping work are normal, vacuum the system and maintain the vacuum. Refill the system with enough refrigerant after everything is normal.

5, Finally, commissioning, put into use after normal.

        The leakage of the copper tube of the chiller evaporator will bring us huge losses, so we must eliminate the hidden dangers in the daily normal maintenance. Xiaobian here reminds the majority of chillers to use users, daily maintenance work is extremely important, but requires professional maintenance personnel to come to repair, inexperienced maintenance personnel will bring huge hidden dangers to the use of the unit.