What Does A Car Ac Condenser Do?

- Dec 23, 2017-

What does a car ac condenser do?

Car ac condenser is to discharge the heat of high temperature and high pressure refrigerant from compressor, go through the condenser discharge heat to outside of the vehicle, so that the high temperature and pressure of the refrigerant gas condensing the surface temperature of high pressure liquid. Car ac condenser have tube fin, tube plate and parallel flow type,three structures.

What types of car ac condenser?

Tube fin condenser

Manufacturing process is simple, low thermal efficiency.

Tube plate condenser

The heat sink is a composite sheet, a total of three, the upper and lower sheet material is aluminum, and contains Si, etc. this condenser heat transfer efficiency than the tube fin type, can be increased by 15% to 20%.

Parallel flow condenser

The biggest difference between a parallel flow condenser and a tube plate condenser is that only one flat tube in the tube-like strip is curved snake-like throughout, and the refrigerant only flows in this passage for heat exchange; whereas the parallel flow condenser is In the two headers connected by a plurality of flat tubes, the refrigerant 

at the same time through the circulation of multiple flat tubes for heat exchange. 

Automotive air conditioning condenser heat exchanger characteristics and refrigerant characteristics, to improve performance nothing more than from the following three considerations:

Add heat exchange area, improve the air side and refrigerant side heat exchange.

Improve condenser fluid temperature and flow distribution uniformity.

Reduce the pressure loss of the refrigerant in the condenser, which can reduce the compressor work.