What Is A Air Conditioning Evaporator?

- Jan 08, 2018-

Air conditioning evaporator is a kind of evaporator. The role of air-conditioning evaporator is to use the liquid cryogenic refrigerant at low pressure to evaporate into vapor

And absorb the heat of the cooling medium, to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

It relies on the fan to force the air in the warehouse to flow through the cooling pipes in the cabinet to heat exchange so as to cool the air so as to reduce the temperature of the warehouse.

Among them, the refrigerant or refrigerant flow in the discharge pipe, pipe wall cooling pipe outside the air called dry air cooler; Liquid refrigerant and air heat exchange directly, known as wet air cooler; In addition to cooling chillers mix cooling pipes, there is a spray of refrigerant 

Shower device. Freezers commonly used dry air cooler according to their installation location can be divided into ceiling and floor two types.

According to the type of medium to be cooled, the evaporator can be divided into two categories:

(1)Liquid refrigerant cooling evaporator. For cooling liquid refrigerant - water, salt water or ethylene glycol solution. Such evaporators are commonly used horizontal evaporator, vertical tube evaporator and spiral tube evaporator.

(2) Cooling air evaporator. Such evaporators have cooling pipes and chillers