What Is A Air Conditioning Evaporator?

- Jan 31, 2018-

Refrigeration air conditioning evaporator mainly consists of the heating chamber and evaporation chamber. Evaporator is a very important part of the four pieces in refrigeration. Low temperature condensate liquid through the evaporator exchanger the heat with the outside air. Vaporization absorb the heat to get the cooling effect.

Refrigeration air conditioning evaporator operating pressure is divided into atmospheric pressure, rressurized and decompression 3 kinds. According to solution in the refrigeration and air conditioning evaporator movement:

① Cycle type. The boiling solution is passed through the heating surface several times in the heating chamber. Such as the central circulation tube, hanging baskets type, external heat type, column type and forced circulation type.

② One-way type. The boiling solution passes through the heating surface once in the heating chamber, draining the concentrate without circulating flow. Such as rising film type, falling film type, stirring film type and centrifugal film type. 

③ Direct contact type. Heating medium and solution in direct contact with heat transfer. Such as submerged combustion evaporator. 

Evaporator consumes large amounts of heated steam during operation. In order to save heating steam, a multi-effect evaporation device and a vapor recompression evaporator can be used.