What Is A Air Cooler Cpu?

- Jan 16, 2018-

Air cooler CPU refers that use the liquid driven by the pump forced to take away the heat from radiator, compared with air cooled raduatir it have a quiet, stable cooling, small dependence on the environment advantages. 

The cooling performance of a water cooled radiator is directly proportional to the flow rate of the cooling fluid (water or other liquid), which in turn is related to the cooling system pump power. And high water heat capacity, which makes the water-cooled refrigeration system has a good thermal load capacity. Equivalent to 5 times the air-cooled system, resulting in a direct benefit is that CPU temperature curve is very gentle. For example, systems with air cooled radiators may experience thermal spikes within a short period of time while running CPU-intensive programs or may exceed the CPU watchdog temperature while water-cooled cooling systems are relatively small due to their large heat capacity and more thermal fluctuations.