What Is A Air Cooling System And Water Cooling System?

- Jan 31, 2018-

Industrial cooling system o replace the water cooling system with an air cooling system is an effective water-saving and energy-saving method, which can save water and protect the environment. The traditional medium water cooling system needs to be equipped with facilities such as water tank, water pump, heat exchanger and cooling tower.

The air cooler structure comprises a shell body, an air inlet above the shell body, an air outlet below, and a fan and an air cooler body arranged at the air inlet and the outlet. Air cooler body by the heat pipe by the wrong form. External heat exchange tubes using high-frequency welding fin, the tube made of grooves or serrated structure.

Adopting the above measures of intensified heat transfer, the total air-passing coefficient of the air cooler is increased by 30-60% compared with the conventional method. By reasonably arranging the structure, the air flow passage is made clear, the swept-away point of the swept outer gas is swept out, Air heat transfer effect, so that the fan power is reduced, reducing power consumption. The body of the air cooler adopts the overall hot-dip zinc treatment to eliminate the thermal resistance between the heat transfer tube and the fins, greatly improving the heat transfer capability and enhancing the corrosion resistance of the finned tube.


Air cooling system

1, shelf 2, sub-3, outlet pipe 4, spray pump 5, distribution box 6, the main 7, the fan 8, hoisting rings 9, overflow pipe 10, louvers 11, water level gauge 12, return pipe 13, tank 14, pipeline pump


Horizontal Air cooling system

1. Pressure gauge 2. Circulation pump 3. filter 4. Water pressure regulation Door 5. Air cooler inlet

6. Air cooler outlet 7. Air Cooler 8. Fan 9. nozzle 10. Spray pipe 11. Spray sink 12. Spray pump

13. Water tank