What Is A Ammonia Refrigeration Cycle?

- Jan 10, 2018-

Ammonia refrigeration cycle in the evaporation process is as follows:

Liquid ammonia in ammonia tank after throttling throttle relief enters into the ammonia separator after cooling, mix with the ammonia gas that has taken heat from the ammonia vaporizer. The temperature is further reduced. Then it enters into the ammonia evaporator, absorb the heat of water passing through the ammonia evaporator. Liquid ammonia changes from liquid to gaseous (while the temperature of the water is reduced). The converted ammonia re-enters the ammonia separator,carry away the liquid ammonia during the ascent. Then it re-enters the ammonia evaporator with ammonia from the throttle. Ammonia from the ammonia separator was absorbed and compressed to a certain pressure by ammonia compressor inhalation to enter into the condenser, cooled by cooling water cooling. Ammonia changes from the gas to the liquid and then enters into the ammonia tank, so as to continue the cycle of refrigeration.

Ammonia, a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, with the formula NH3, is a colorless gas with a strong irritating odor. Ammonia easily soluble in water, 1 volume of water at room temperature and pressure can dissolve 700 times the volume of ammonia. Ammonia aqueous solution, also known as ammonia. Ammonia after cooling can become liquid, liquid ammonia is a refrigerant. Ammonia is also an important raw material for the manufacture of nitric acid, fertilizers and explosives. Ammonia is very important to creatures on Earth, it is an important component of many foods and fertilizers. Ammonia is also a direct or indirect component of all medicines. Ammonia has a very wide range of uses, at the same time it also has corrosive and other dangerous properties. As ammonia has a wide range of uses, ammonia is one of the most productive inorganic compounds in the world and more than 80% of ammonia is used to make fertilizers. Since ammonia can provide lone pairs of electrons, it is also a Lewis base.

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