What Is A Carbon Dioxide Co2 Refrigeration System?

- Jan 20, 2018-

Carbon dioxide refrigeration system mainly consists of the following equipment:

Carbon dioxide refrigerant compressor, oil separator, carbon dioxide gas cooler, throttling device (or expander), evaporator, gas liquid separator (accumulator), system piping and valves, filters, high and low pressure protection system, Electronic control system (electric control box, pressure and temperature sensors, controllers, wire and cable, meters, etc.), oil cooling system and oil balance system, cooling water system.

Carbon dioxide transcritical refrigeration cycle system principle:

Low-temperature and low-pressure CO2 refrigerant in the evaporator to absorb the ambient medium or object to be cooled by the liquid into low-pressure superheated steam, low-pressure CO2 into the CO2 refrigerant compressor is adiabatic compression of high pressure gas, high temperature CO2 gas then enters the air cooler, exchanges heat with the cooling medium, releases heat, is cooled by constant pressure, and then enters the throttling device (or expander) to adiabatically throttle (or adiabatically expand) low-pressure, low-temperature wet steam, CO2 liquid re-enter the evaporator constant pressure heat absorption evaporation, so that the temperature of the cooling medium is reduced, the system take cold. So reciprocating cycle, to achieve continuous cooling.