What Is A Cold Room Air Cooler?

- Dec 18, 2017-

Cold room Air Cooler also called cold room evaporator

Air Cooler is a kind of cold room evaporator. The function of the cooler is to exchange the saturated cold storage of low temperature and low pressure from the thermal expansion valve of the cold room with the heat exchanger of the cooler to exchange heat with the cooling medium to vaporize the saturated refrigerant and take away the heat in the cold storage. Cold room air cooler consists of 5 major components, including cooling heat exchange tubes, axial fan, dispenser, defrost and water tray. 

High-pressure low-temperature liquid refrigerant from the cold room condenser through the thermal expansion valve throttling directly enter into the cold room air cooler splitters evenly divided into the heat transfer tubes for heat of vaporization. The cold room air cooler axial fan is for air forced convection circulation to achieve the purpose of cold storage refrigeration.

Due to the temperature of the appearance of the cold storage evaporator is below 0 ℃, with the increasing of cooling time, there will be a frost on the outer surface of the air cooler.These frost layers not only seriously affect the heat exchange coefficient of air cooler,they will also lead to a significant reduction in cold air cooler. As a result, it will seriously affect the heat exchange capacity of cold room evaporatorand make the running performance of cold storage equipment a serious decline. In order to ensure that the cold room air cooler has good heat transfer performance, it is necessary to defrost cold room air cooler. At present, the most common defrost method is electric defrost.Electric defrost has lots of advantages such as defrosting thoroughly and be able to automatic control so it is preferred by many small cold storages,medical cold storages and vegetable cold storage projects.

Air cooler Cooler frame is general made by spray plastic plate, food grade stainless steel or embossed aluminum. Air Cooler has many advantages such as a large heat exchange, convenient and concise, highly corrosion-resistant and  beautiful appearance.

After the production , the Air Cooler are subject to a rigorous decontamination process to ensure the quality of the system cleanliness.Air Coolers are all used efficient external rotor motor.The structure has the advantages of large air volume, high wind speed and long service life.Air Coolers should be able to install explosion-proof motor according to different needs.

Cold room air cooler installation precautions:

1,The distance between cold room air cooler back and cold insulation board should be at least 300MM,this is conducive to cold air circulation and facilitate future maintenance

2,U-shaped return bend should be set on cold room air cooler back to the mouth to make frozen oil returning to the cold storage compressor more convenient.

3,Cold room air cooler outlet pipe should be set U-bend to form liquid seal,avoiding air circulation .

Cold room Air Cooler generally requires the following performance characteristics:

1,Anti-rust:Using food-grade stainless steel;

2,Air cooling capacity should have enough;

3,Decontamination:To ensure the cleanliness of the system;

4,All products use nitrogen treatment when factory,to make sure the use safe.