What Is A Cold Storage Evaporator?

- Dec 20, 2017-

Cold storage evaporator is a evaporator for cold room and other refrigeration equipment, which is a kind of heat exchanger equipment.

Its principle is the low temperature and low pressure liquid refrigerant vaporizes on the side of the evaporator and endothermal, so that the medium on the other side of the heat transfer wall is cooled, and the medium to be cooled is usually water or air.

Cold storage evaporator can be divided into two categories:

1, The evaporator to cooling liquid (water or brine): This evaporator can be divided into horizontal shell and tube evaporator (The refrigerant vaporizes outside the tube is full liquid type,

 the refrigerant evaporated in the tube is dry type), and riser-type cold water tank.

2, The evaporator to cold air: cold storage evaporator is this type. Can be divided into two categories:

One is the natural convection of air type cold storage evaporator tube, such as Wall drain, top row,which is widely used in cold room, is generally made of legislation,

Single-row snake tube, double-row snake tube, double-row U-tube or four-row U-tube type;

The other is the air is forced to flow type air cooler, The cold air blower used by the cold storage evaporator is made into a box type.

The cold air blower used in air conditioning is usually made into a tube cluster with ribs, in such a cold storage evaporator, the refrigerant flows in the tube by the different pressure, the gravity of the liquid or the pressure of the liquid pump.

Because the medium to be cooled is air and the air side has a low exotherm, so the heat transfer coefficient of the evaporator is very low.

In order to improve the heat transfer performance,

It is often used to increase heat transfer temperature, heat transfer tube or increase air flow rate to achieve the purpose.