What Is A Evaporator For Carcass Cooling?

- Feb 01, 2018-

In expanding refrigeration factory, when our customers deal with about 2000 pigs each day, with the most advanced technology.

Specification is clear: need to adopt different techniques of high efficiency and energy saving heat exchanger, in order to meet various application requirements of the existing 

NH3 / glycol system.A total of 30 VRcooler evaporators to deliver and install the stainless steel fin, to resist erosion gas and high-pressure cleaning technology (up to 200 bar) high mechanical resistance.

Keep consistent with the project specifications, detailed process control and to reduce energy consumption.

All the evaporators for running, using 25% of propylene glycol designed for secondary cooling system of pork body cooling chamber, the concept of the complex, the carcass weight to a minimum.

Evaporators for the limited size of the trunks cooling room, the use of special design of the fan casing, reduce 45 °. This allows full sized unit to adapt to the limited space, this means that still can be used to cool the carcass of the same energy efficiency and performance, while minimizing the weight loss.