What Is A Refrigeration System?

- Feb 28, 2018-

After the liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat of the cooled object in the evaporator, it is vaporized into steam of high temperature and low pressure. Then it is sucked into the compressor, compressed into high pressure and temperature of the steam into the condenser. It then releases heat to the cooling medium (water or air) in the condenser and condenses into a high-pressure liquid. Finally it is throttled by the throttle valve for low pressure and low temperature refrigerant, re-enter the evaporator endothermic vaporization in order to achieve the purpose of circulating cooling. 

In this way, the refrigerant in the system experienced evaporation, compression, condensation, throttling four basic processes to complete a refrigeration cycle.

The main components are compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve (or capillary, subcooling control valve), four-way valve, double valve, check valve, solenoid valve, pressure switch, fusing, output pressure regulating valve, pressure Controllers, reservoirs, heat exchangers, heat collectors, filters, dryers, automatic shutters, globe valves, liquid injectors, and other components.


The main components are motors (compressors, fans, etc.), operating switches, electromagnetic contactor, chain relays, over-current relays, thermal over-current relay, temperature regulators, humidity regulators, temperature switch (defrost, to prevent freezing Etc.), Compressor crankcase heater, water relay, computer board and other components.


Consists of multiple control devices, which are:

Refrigerant controller: expansion valve, capillary and so on.

Refrigerant circuit controller: four-way valve, one-way valve, double valve, solenoid valve.

Refrigerant pressure controller: pressure switch, output pressure regulator, pressure controller.

Motor Protector: Overcurrent relay, thermal over-current relay, temperature relay

Temperature Regulators: Temperature Position Regulators, Temperature Proportional Regulators.

Humidity Regulator: Humidity Position Regulator.

Defrost controller: defrost temperature switch, defrost time relay, all kinds of temperature switch.

Cooling water control: water relay, water control valve, pumps and so on.

Alarm control: over-temperature alarm, wet alarm, under-voltage alarm and fire alarm, smoke alarm.

Other control: indoor fan speed controller, outdoor fan speed controller.