What Is A Split Ac Cooling Coil?

- Jan 11, 2018-

The use of air conditioners in our homes is very extensive and very demanding for air conditioning in our summer and winter. A very important part of the air conditioning system responsible for heating and cooling is our air conditioning heat exchangers which called split ac cooling coil, but many people are not very understanding of our split ac cooling coil.

Air conditioning heat exchanger - by heat transfer principle classification

1. Surface heat exchangers: Surface heat exchangers are two fluids of different 

temperatures that flow through separate walls of the wall. Convection heats the walls 

and convects heat between the two fluids.

2. Regenerative heat exchangers: Regenerative heat exchangers, through the regenerator 

composed of solid material, transfer heat from high temperature fluid to low temperature 

fluid. The heat medium first reaches a certain temperature by heating the solid material, 

and then the cold medium passes through the solid material is heated, so that it can 

achieve the purpose of heat transfer.

3. Direct contact heat exchangers: Direct contact heat exchangers are two types of 

fluids that come into direct contact with heat exchangers, such as cold water towers, 

gas condensers and the like.

4. Duplex heat exchanger: both soft surface water and heat exchange water and water 

directly mixed heat exchange two kinds of heat exchange equipment. Compared with indirect 

heat exchange with soda surface, it has higher heat exchange efficiency; it has higher 

stability and lower unit noise than direct mixed heat exchange with soda water.

Split ac cooling coil - the principle of air conditioning and refrigeration

After the air conditioner is energized, the low-pressure steam of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is sucked into the compressor and compressed into high-pressure steam and then discharged to the condenser. At the same time, the outdoor air drawn by the axial fan flows through the condenser to take away the heat released by the refrigerant, high-pressure refrigerant vapor condenses into high-pressure liquid. The high-pressure liquid passes through the filter and is throttled into the evaporator after the throttling mechanism and evaporates at the corresponding low pressure to draw the heat around it. At the same time, the axial fan continuously causes the air to enter the evaporator fins for heat exchange and radiates heat After cooling the air to the room. So indoor air circulation, to achieve the purpose of cooling to reduce the temperature. The refrigerant flowing out of the evaporator takes away the heat in the air (endothermic) and turns it into a gas of low temperature and low pressure, and is reintroduced into the compressor, repeating the cycle.

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