What Is Ammonia Unit Evaporator Performance?

- Dec 14, 2017-

Ammonia which we also called NH3, R717,aqua ammonia, wided used for huge refrigeration system.

How does Ammonia unit evaporator working in ammonia refrigeration system?


Liquid ammonia in ammonia tank, after through throttling valve to drop pressure, inert the ammonia separator, and then inlet the ammonia unit evaporator, absorbing the heat, ammonia change from liquid to air. 

Then Ammonia insert into the ammonia separator again, seperate the liquid ammonia.

And together the ammonia from throttle get into the ammonia unit evaporator; Ammonia from separator inlet the compressor, compressed to a certain pressure into the condenser, the cooling water cool it, ammonia change from gas to liquid and into the ammonia tank again, then continue to cycle refrigeration.

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