What Is An Air Cooled Heat Exchanger?

- Jan 18, 2018-

Air cooled heat exchanger, for short is air cooler, with air as a coolant, can be used as a cooler, can also be used as a condenser. 

The air cooler is mainly composed of tube bundles, supports and fans.The air cooler flows in the tube and the air is blown out of the tube.

Due to the large amount of ventilation required for heat exchange, and the wind pressure is not high, the axial fan (see fluid conveying machine) is used.

The type and material of tube bundle have great influence on the performance of air cooler.

Because the coefficient of heat transfer in the air side is very small, it is often used in the tube with fins to increase the heat transfer area and fluid turbulence and reduce the thermal resistance.

Most air cooler uses radial fin.

In the air cooler, a light tube with a diameter of 25mm is usually adopted, and a low-fin tube with a height of 12.5mm and a high-finned tube with a height of 16mm.

Fins are generally made of materials with high thermal conductivity (the most commonly used aluminum), wound or inlaid into light tubes.

In order to strengthen the heat transfer effect of the air cooler, the water in the inlet air can be moistened.

This reduces the air temperature and on the other hand increase the heat transfer coefficient.

The use of air cooler can save a lot of industrial water, reduce environmental pollution and reduce the cost of infrastructure.

Especially in the area of water shortage, replacing water cooling with air cooling can alleviate the contradiction of water shortage.