What Is Blygold HVAC Condenser Coil Coating?

- Mar 01, 2018-

What is Blygold HVAC Condenser Coil Coating? 


Heat exchangers are subject to severe corrosion because of their construction,which usually combines incompatible metals and because of the volume of polluted air passing through them.

Corrosion and pollution of heat exchangers will directly affect the performance of the air conditioning system. The heat exchanger must be sealed off from the environment in a manner that will not reduce its heat transferability or cause a pressure drop. When this is accomplished,the cooling capacity will remain intact and energy consumption can be controlled.

Why use Blygold coating?

• To control cooling capacity and energy


• To extend the life time of the heat exchanger


The Blygold coating provides a long lasting corrosion protection to heat exchangers, without affecting heat transfer and pressure drop. The system can be applied in the factory as well as on-side.

The heat conductive pigmentation in the coating is oriented in such a way that it creates a very high chemical resistance at a low layer thickness. In combination with the unique application procedures of certified Blygold applicators the Blygold is the best available option to prevent air conditioning failure and unnecessary energy consumption.

1.jpgWithout coating


With blygold coating

blygold 1.jpg

The advantage of Blygold 


Vrcooler could supply varied HVAC heat exchanger coil with blygold coating