What Is Chilled Water Coil Approach Temperature?

- Mar 14, 2018-

In the central air conditioning unit, standard chilled water temperature range is 5 degrees, temperature from 7 to 12 degrees;

Working condition of cooling water temperature range is 5 degrees, the standard is 30 to 35 degrees and 28 degrees wet bulb.

The central air conditioning system consists of cold and heat source system and air conditioning system.The principle of using liquid cooling for the air conditioning system provide the required cold quantity, used to offset the indoor environment of the cooling load; 

Heating system for air conditioning system provides to offset the indoor environment of heat load of heat.

Refrigeration system is a vital part of the central air conditioning system, which USES type, operation mode, structure form and so on directly affect the central air conditioning system in the running of the economy, efficiency and rationality.