What Is Heat Transfer Principle Of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger?

- Jan 31, 2018-

Heat pipe heat exchanger made of fin tube, spray system, axial fan, circulating pump and temperature control box and other components, shown in Figure 1. In the design process using an enhanced heat transfer technology, making the new cooler total heat transfer coefficient increased by 35% or more than not using this technology . 

Through reasonable layout, so that the air flow unimpeded, the smaller the vortex pressure, significantly enhance the heat transfer effect outside. At the same time reduce the fan power, power consumption decreases, to achieve energy-saving effect.


1. axial-flow fan 2.spray pipe

3.heat-exchange tube tank 

4.spray pump 

5.dousing tank 

6.circulating pump

7.circulating water tank 

8.water inlet 

9.water outlet 

10.temperature controller


1.pressure gauge

 2.circulating pump


4.water pressure valve

5.air-condenser inlet 

6.air-condenser outlet 



9.spray nozzle 

10.spray pipe 

11.dousing tank

12.spray pump 


The overall heat transfer tube bundle use zinc immersion technology, making high-frequency resistance welding fin tube, thermal resistance reduce to a minimum, while enhancing the anti-corrosion ability of finned tube.

Cooling water system is a closed cycle, the heat transfer to the finned tube surface is forced convection air away, to achieve the purpose of cooling water. This heat exchanger is only one heat transfer, different from the conventional cooling water through a plate heat exchanger for second water cooling