What Is Oil Refining Process Heating And Cooling Program?

- Feb 27, 2018-

Oil refining process heating and cooling program

It is often necessary to cool the heated fluid to the next refining step in the refining and processing of crude oil. This type of cooling often results in a significant loss of energy. It has large investment and low security. In particular, it is even more difficult for areas with poorer water resources. The same is true for refined oils and furfural systems. Refined oil in the clay before the device must wait until the temperature dropped from 195 ℃ to 140 ~ 130 ℃. At the same time to extract the regeneration of furfural tower by process requirements should be reduced from 150 ℃ to 140 ~ 130 ℃ before passing. In the past, basically, the water was cooled by circulating water or natural water. This not only wastes a lot of heat and consumes pump power, but also increases water consumption. Poor handling of the cooling water can also cause equipment fouling, clogging and equipment failure.

Using heat pipe air cooler to cool and recovering the waste heat not only can improve the thermal efficiency of the entire system, save energy, but also can overcome the above shortcomings. The heat pipe heat exchanger is cooled by multi-fluid parallel air with refined oil and furfural system. The preheated air enters into heating furnace as a combustion air. This achieves a double effect and gives full play to the advantages of heat pipe heat exchanger.