What Is The Advantage Of Air Cooler? Air Cooler Vs Water Cooler

- Feb 02, 2018-

Air cooler

With the rapid development of China's industrial and agricultural production, water consumption has been greatly increased, and the shortage of water resources has become a bottleneck restricting China's economic development.

Water-saving has become an important research topic in industrial production.

In petrochemical plant production process, there is a large number of cooling water circulation,the cooling system plays a key role of how to reduce water loss effectively and reduce the energy consumption of the system, 

Traditional water cooling faces a serious challenge.

Firstly, in the production of cooling tower as the cooling mode, due to the evaporation of water, the waste of a large amount of water resources becomes the heavy economic burden of the factory.

Secondly, when the cooling water to evaporate faster, the impurities in the water will be a large amount of deposit in the pipe and heat exchanger, not only cause deterioration of pipeline and the flow and heat transfer in heat exchanger capacity, increased power consumption, but also corrode of equipment, the equipment operating life shorten

Thirdly, the environment problem are getting more and more attention, and most of the industrial cooling water from the river, cause water temperature will destroy the ecological balance in the river, and leakage of cooling equipment can cause serious water pollution

The use of air cooling systems is not limited by water resources.

For water resources, if the long-term use of large quantities without restraint, and no recharge measures, the problems caused by more than just thermal pollution

The long-term overexploitation of groundwater causing the serious decline of water level and the subsidence of the ground have serious negative effects on agricultural production and people's life.

The closed air cooler has no direct contact with the hot water and the air. The cooling of the hot water is realized in the heat tube in the air cooler, and the heat exchager is non-contact heat exchanger.

A dry and wet air cooler is highly valued, and the hot water and air are cooled by dry cooling.

With the change of seasonal environment temperature difference, dry cooling mode is used in spring and autumn and winter, the temperature is high in summer, and the dry and wet cooling mode is started simultaneously, which meets the needs of production and saves energy.

1. Power plant direct air cooler.

Direct air cooling is refers to the use of the steam turbine directly air to condensation, the cooling air is usually supplied by way of mechanical ventilation, the radiator is composed of outer surface of galvanized oval rectangular steel tube coat of a certain steel finned tube bundle.

The cooling medium used for direct air cooling is air, and the cooling water is used for cooling. Compared with the wet cooling unit, the cooling system can save more than 97%, and the water saving of the whole plant is more than 65%, which is the most water-saving technology of the thermal power plant.

The wet cooling tower in operation must be supplied with water, about 3% of the total cold water flow, to compensate for the cooling water caused by evaporation and discharge loss, and the design consumption is 4L/Kwh.