What Is The Advantages Of Air Preheater?

- Jan 03, 2018-

The advantage of air preheater

1. Improve and strengthen combustion

The air enters the furnace after the afterheat, it accelerates the drying, ignition and combustion process of the fuel, which ensures the steady combustion in the boiler and improves the combustion efficiency.

2. Strengthen heat transfer

As the combustion in the furnace is improved and strengthened, and the temperature of the hot air inside the furnace is raised, the average temperature of the furnace is also improved, thus the radiation heat transfer in the furnace can be strengthened.

3. Reduce the loss in the furnace, reduce the smoke temperature, and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler

Because the combustion in the furnace is stable and the heat exchange is strengthened, the loss of chemical incomplete combustion can be reduced.On the other hand, air preheater uses flue gas waste heat to further reduce exhaust smoke loss, thus improving boiler thermal efficiency.According to experience, when the air temperature rise 

1. 5 degree in air preheater, exhaust temperature can reduce 1 degree. After installation of air preheater in boiler flue, if we can put the air heat 150-160 degree, can reduce exhaust temperature 110-120 degree, the boiler thermal efficiency can be increased by 7% - 7.5%.Can save fuel between 11% and 12%.

4. Hot air can be used as a fuel desiccant

For the laminar furnace, hot air can use water and ash higher fuel, for power plant boiler, hot air is the important desiccant of the powder system and coal powder conveying medium.