What Is The Advantages Of Steam Heat Exchangers?

- May 04, 2018-

1, High efficiency. Energy efficiency can be up to 99%. Steam heat exchangers allow steam to dissolve directly and quickly in water. Even if the pressure difference between steam and heated liquid is only 0.04Mpa, steam can still be added to the heated liquid better. Therefore, the heat loss is small and the thermal efficiency is high.

2, High hot water temperature. Higher temperature hot water can be obtained using a scroll heater. The maximum heating temperature of the open vessel is 98°C and the maximum heating temperature of the pressure vessel is up to 150°C. The maximum working pressure of the steam heat exchanger is 1.6Mpa.

3, Low vibration and low noise. It helps improve the surrounding environment. Compared with the floral tube type old heater, the vortex type silencer heater adopts the internal swirling noise elimination structure, the noise is less than 50db, and the vibration is greatly reduced.

4, Low total investment. The heat source steam directly into the water tank can save the hot water pump room equipment and save investment.

5, Simple operation and maintenance. Water and steam are separately controlled, so the remaining cold water in the water tank can be repeatedly heated to facilitate temperature control.

6. The steam heat exchanger is made of stainless steel and does not need to be disassembled and repaired. It has a long service life.