What Is The Appication Of Our Radiator?

- Jan 19, 2018-


1. Malt beer drying, cooling special radiator

2. Expansion drying special radiator

3. Wood drying kiln dedicated radiator

4. Dyes, chemical fiber, soda ash, latex, PVC, gelatin drying radiator

5. Dairy, milk powder spray drying radiator

6. Vegetable dehydration tunnel, oven drying radiator

7. Paper, coater dedicated radiator

8. Dyeing, dyeing and finishing, hot air stenter, heat setting machine, dryer, rotary screen printing machine, flat screen printing machine, blanket setting machine, dryer radiator

9. Food, tea drying special radiator

10. Starch, feed steam drying supporting the radiator

11. Plastic leather spray dryer

12. Grainy paper printing machine

13. Adhesive coating machine, dry composite machine with a radiator

14. Central air conditioning heating, cooling radiator

15. Industrial plant heating thermostat radiator