What Is The Application Of Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger In HVAC?

- Jan 09, 2018-

Main application of gasket plate heat exchanger:

1. Hot water for daily life:

Good heat transfer performance makes the plate heat exchanger gradually replace the traditional container heating system, covers an area smaller, more economical investment. (figure 1)

2. Swimming pool water heating:

Install the heat exchanger, so that the pool water cycle independently, in order to avoid the chloride ion in the pool water corrosion on the plate, please carefully choose the plate material. (figure 2)


3. Solar energy collection:

As one of the cleanest energy sources, solar energy attracts more and more attention. Through the use of heat exchangers, the loop collecting solar energy and the hot water can be separated to effectively protect the hot water loop Cleanliness. (image 3)

4. Ice storage system:

The use of heat exchangers in ice storage systems can isolate water and glycol solutions, resulting in an increase in return on investment. (Figure 4)


5. Ground source, water source heat pump:

Heat exchanger as a heat pump host and open cold and heat source separation device to overcome the water quality of the host and other sensitive equipment corrosion. (Figure 5)

6. High-rise building pressure barrier:

In order to avoid the high system pressure in high-rise buildings, plate type heat exchangers are used to separate the pressure in subregions, thereby drastically reducing large pumps and large pipelines used to overcome system pressure. (Figure 6)


7. Open-cycle water system:

The use of the heat exchanger separates the open cooling circulation system from the closed circulation system of the unit, effectively protecting the closed circulation system of the unit and prolonging the service life of the unit. (Figure 7)