What Is The Application Of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger?

- Mar 07, 2018-

What is the application of heat pipe heat exchanger?

Chemical industry

1. The heat tube heat exchanger of sulphuric acid system is used to recover the waste heat of SOx gas and recover the waste heat of the high temperature gas in the conversion section, and the hot water or steam is produced for the system to be used.

2. Medicine and chemical industrial heat tube heat exchanger can be used to recover the waste heat of gas or exhaust gas, produce clean hot air and dry materials.

3. Using the variable thermal conductivity tube, the reaction bed can be controlled with constant temperature while the reaction heat is taken out or input.

4. Large chemical fertilizer plant synthesis convection section coil; Medium and small nitrogenous fertilizer plant gas production engineering, transformation section, heat tube evaporator recovery process gas waste heat generation steam for ammonia system use, transform section one, two water heater.

5. Convection section coil of methanol conversion furnace.

6. A heat container for benzoic anhydride.

Power industry

Using the heat tube heat exchanger can be used as all kinds of boiler heating surface at the rear. Such as heat tube air preheater can replace the traditional rotary air preheater and column tubular air preheater, improve heat side wall temperature, avoid dew point corrosion, improve the chamber of a stove or furnace inlet air temperature and oxygen content of the chamber of a stove or furnace, reduce the air leakage and prolong boiler operation cycle.

1. Heat tube air preheater at the end of industrial boiler. Heat tube economizer or fin tube economizer.

2. The heat tube air preheater at the rear of a power plant boiler can be divided into the following uses

(1)A heat tube air preheater is set up before the air inlet of the air preheater to further reduce the smoke temperature of the boiler, reduce the exhaust heat loss and improve the boiler efficiency.

(2)The air preheater of the whole low temperature section is the heat tube structure.

(3)The GGH of desulphurization of power station is the cold flue gas after desulfurization by hot flue gas discharged by boiler.

3. The rear of the convection section of a gas boiler.

4. The protection of power transmission lines, power transmission towers and substations in high-altitude and cold areas need heat tubes to protect their foundations from excessive expansion or melting due to seasonal changes.

Petrochemical industry

1. Atmospheric pressure furnace, decompression furnace, constant pressure reducer, and hydrogenation furnace. The heat tube air preheater is used to recover the heat of the flue gas, so as to improve the air supply temperature of the heating furnace.

2. The waste heat recovery of the regenerated flue gas and various internal and external heat extractors can be used to generate the medium pressure steam and be used in the power system.

3. Convection section coil of ethylene pyrolysis furnace, convection section coil of oil refinery heating furnace.

metallurgical industry

1. the iron in the blast furnace flue gas to preheat the air and gas of the single or double preheating preheating monolithic or separated type heat tube heat exchanger, air furnace flue gas waste heat recycling, saving gas, speed up the temperature of hot blast stove, furnace top temperature and supply air temperature Reduce ironmaking coke rate, saving coke.

2. Use the heat tube steam generator or finned tube type steam generator to recover the heat of the sintered ore carried by various cold machine and ring cooler to produce steam.

Building materials construction

For the cement, ceramics and other building materials industry, the heat exchanger is used to recover the residual heat of smoke from the kiln, producing hot wind or hot water. Such as heat tube or heat tube. The tube still hot air combination, can produce below 500 ℃ hot air, dry cleaning materials.

The construction heat tube air preheater can be used for the heat exchange between the fresh air outside and the stale air inside. In the central air-conditioning refrigeration unit, heat tube heat exchanger is used to generate low pressure steam for air conditioning refrigeration unit.

traffic engineering

In recent 10 years, heat tube technology in the traffic engineering has the very big development, solve the many in the past decades have not solve the problem, such as cold high altitudes of roads, Bridges, tubelines protection, since more and more heat tube element.

The most representative is the construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway in our country. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway passes through many permafrost regions. Due to environmental protection requirements, it can not take any measures to protect the railway from destroying the soil environment. The heat tube can not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also satisfy Protection of railway requirements, its working principle is only in the winter, by heat transfer, automatically reduce the temperature difference between the ground and underground, so that the frozen soil will not melt in the summer, in order to achieve the purpose of protecting railway subgrade.

oil and gas industry

tubelines for oil or other fluids in the colder regions also change seasonally, leading to tubeline will also be the basis of deformation due to the change of seasons, this change will destroy tubeline, lead to major accidents. At the same time, the fluid and the tube friction of the tube will produce a lot of heat, the heat accumulated very objective, in the past for a long time can produce devastating damage to the environment, the United States in Alaska tubeline construction, in order to protect the permafrost layer, set up a lot of in line along the heat tube to prevent the spread of tubeline heat into the ground.

electronic industry

In the field of electronic industry, heat tube radiator also gradually popular, compared the radiator of the ordinary air cooling or water cooling way, greatly save the cost, reduce noise, reduce the space requirements, the most critical thermal efficiency is way past incomparable.

New heat tube radiator is widely used from laptop to High-speed Railway.

other industries

In addition to the above heat tube application, in other aspects, the heat tube also has a very wide application.

Such as heat tube solar thermal power generation device, motor rotor cooling of heat tube structure, household heat tube solar heating device, high altitude permafrost stable heat tube technology, etc., effectively promote the technological progress and development of national economy.