What Is The Application Of Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes?

- Mar 22, 2018-

Stainless steel heat exchanger tubes are now widely used.When we are purchasingļ¼Œ we have to understand some related data we heat exchanger, which will be convenient for its equipped with the corresponding stainless steel heat exchanger tube, this article will introduce you to common specifications and applicable standards, specific as follows

According to the market demand report of stainless steel heat exchanger tubes, the application of 16.8mm is more, followed by 16mm.

There are two types of bellows expansion joints in both domestic and foreign countries.

One is the normative type of standard, that is the technical requirement of universality. In addition to the specific design formulae, the performance and other specifications are not specified, such as the United States EJMA standard, ASME standard, British BS standard, China GB/T12777 standard, etc.

The other one is product standards,Which in addition to the general technical requirements, also we give the structure of expansion joint size, specification and compensation performance, fatigue life of the product quality and so on a content, such as GB16749 standards in our country, several criteria (conditions) in Russia, Japan JISB2352 standards, etc.