What Is The Black Coated Fin For Coil?

- Mar 16, 2018-

What is the black coated fin for coil? 

In addition to our normal aluminium or copper fin material, Vrcooler can also use some different 

standard coating pre-coated fin to produce coil, in order to meet the various requirements.

Vinyl coating (epoxy) "gold" complete aluminum fin is excellent extra protection for coil fins, 

if the unit is using under a mild chlorine environments, or generally recommend that if the coil 

is placed under direct sunlight in the external units.

In addition, we also can provide a black painting coating on our aluminum fin materials, which is often 

used to the coil block on the ceiling installation unit or cooling beam system, and help to hide 

the coil itself, it also increases the further protection for aluminum fin.

heat exchanger (1).jpg

Coil with epoxy coating

2017 coil (5).jpg

Coil with black painting