What Is The Chilled Water System For Water Cooled Chiller?

- Mar 14, 2018-

A large central air conditioning, water chiller note why call water cooled water chiller?

Water cooled that is use the water to cool.Out of the chiller is called chilled water.

So, there are two circulating water system in water cooled chiller .One is the cooling water circulation system, the other is chilled water cycle system.

The water in the cooling water circulation system, the outflow from the condenser unit, into the cooling tower, after cooling, by water pump, back into the condenser unit.So the cycle, the flow of water in the system, known as cooling water.

Freeze the water in the water cycle system, from unit evaporator, into the fan coil units, heating up, through the water pump, back into the evaporator unit, so the cycle, the flow of water in the system, a general designation of frozen water.