What Is The Effection Of Car Ac Condenser?

- Feb 05, 2018-

Condenser is the mechanical parts of air conditioning system,the heat in tube can be quickly passed to the air near the pipe, most of the car is placed in front of the water tank. A device that turns gas or vapor into liquid.

Principle of car ac condenser

For some applications, the gas must pass through a long tube (usually a solenoid) to dissipate the heat to the ambient air, which is commonly used to transport steam. 

In order to improve the efficiency of the condenser often attached to the pipe fins to speed up heat dissipation. Heat sink is made of good thermal conductivity of the metal plate. Such condensers generally use fans to force the air through the heatsinks and remove the heat away. Refrigeration principle of the general refrigerator.The role of the 

compressor is to lower the pressure of steam into high pressure steam, so that the steam volume decreases, the pressure rise. Compressor suction from the evaporator out of the lower pressure of the working fluid steam, so that after the pressure is raised into the condenser, condensing in the condenser into a higher pressure liquid, the throttle valve after the pressure becomes more pressure low liquid, into the evaporator, the evaporator absorbs heat and evaporates into a lower pressure steam to complete the refrigeration cycle.