What Is The Features Of Copeland ZB Series Scroll Compressor?

- Mar 19, 2018-

Copeland ZB Series Scroll Compressor Features

1. Dual flexible design

Longer life and reliability, greater liquid tolerance and better tolerance to impurities.

2. Lower vibration and noise levels

The compressor chamber guarantees a symmetrical distribution, extremely low unbalanced stresses, and a high-precision manufacturing process, eliminating the need for a vibration absorber.

3. Ensure energy efficiency

As the exercise time increases, the performance of the operating is more prominent, ensuring high volumetric efficiency.

4. Uninstall startup technology

The compression components are automatically separated after shut-down, the pressure inside the compressor is better balanced and no additional starting device is required.

5. High-efficiency "Teflon" Bearing

Space Age materials have extended operating time without complete lubrication, with a very small coefficient of friction.