What Is The Features Of Hanbell RC2 Series Semi-closed Screw Refrigeration Compressor?

- Mar 21, 2018-

1. Product overview

HanbellRC2 series semi-closed screw refrigeration compressor is specially developed for the application of air conditioning and refrigeration.

With built-in high load operation design, each compressor has high efficiency and reliable performance under the condition of heat storage, heat pump system and refrigeration system.

Newly developed RC2 series by balance piston compressor, independent of the radial, axial bearing, oil cooler fitting, liquid spraying and economizer joint, PTC motor protector, exhaust temperature protector and controller, oil level switch, poor oil pressure switch, and other components

This new type of design can guarantee the highest reliability of the compressor, and ensure the maximum life of the compressor in high load and high working conditions.

2. Technical features:

1. Wide range of volume 

2. A multinational patents efficient rotor type line 

3. High efficiency motor bearing long life and high reliable type 

4. Double compression chamber wall oil separator 

5.High capacity regulation 

6. Electronic monitoring 

7. Additional cooling