What Is The Features Of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger?

- Mar 02, 2018-

The structure of heat pipe heat exchanger is different from other heat exchangers.Heat pipe heat exchanger has some notable features: high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, small resistance loss of heat transfer fluid, flexible appearance, and strong adaptability to environment.

1, the heat pipe heat exchanger can completely separated the cold and hot fluid by the middle partition of the heat exchanger, in the process of running a single heat pipe occurs damage because of wear, corrosion and overtemperature, basically does not affect the heat exchanger operation.Heat pipe heat exchanger has high reliability in flammable, explosive and corrosive fluid exchange.

2. The cold and hot fluid of the heat pipe heat exchanger is completely separated, and it is easy to realize the countercurrent heat transfer of the cold and hot fluid.The cold and hot fluid flows outside the tube, because the heat transfer coefficient of the external flow is much higher than the heat transfer coefficient in the pipe, which is used for the low grade thermal energy recovery.

3. For the fluid with high dust content, the heat pipe heat exchanger can solve the wear and ash problem of the heat exchanger through the change of structure and expansion of the heating surface.

4, with heat pipe heat exchanger used in corrosive flue gas waste heat recovery, can by adjusting the evaporator and condenser heat transfer area to adjust the heat pipe wall temperature, the heat pipe as far as possible to avoid the biggest corrosion area