What Is The Fin Type Heat Exchanger Manufacturering And Sturture?

- Jan 11, 2018-

First, the heat exchanger: Heat exchanger is used to achieve heat exchange between hot and cold fluid equipment, also known as heat exchanger. 

1, Condenser: the condenser is a compressor discharges the high temperature, high pressure refrigerant gas condensate into high pressure liquid heat exchanger. It is one of the main heat exchangers in the refrigeration system. Its function is to superheat the high-pressure and high-temperature refrigerant discharged from the compressor, and pass the heat to the low-temperature substance (air or water) to release the gaseous refrigerant Condensed into a liquid refrigerant. Condenser according to their different cooling medium can be divided into water-cooled, air-cooled and water plus air-cooled three categories. Water-cooled condenser effection is better, but the need for cooling water recycling equipment, high cost, large area. 

Air-cooled condenser is less effective, but easy to install, simple structure, it is widely used in air conditioners. Air conditioners used in the general forced air-cooled finned tube condenser. Finned air cooled condenser is a kind of condenser, is a heat exchanger, in the refrigeration system by forced ventilation by exothermic refrigerant 

vapor liquefaction parts, heat pump operation as an evaporator. Fins set into the tube according to the provisions of the film from the tube, with tube expansion method to close the tube bundle. It consists of fins, tube tufts, side plates, dispensers (or manifolds), headers, capillaries, fans and motors.

2, Evaporator: Evaporator is a kind of heat exchanger that relies on refrigerant liquid to evaporate in the evaporator, which absorbs heat from the object to be cooled and evaporates into gas to cool the object to be cooled. It is also a refrigeration system in the main heat exchanger, its role is to make low-temperature, low-pressure liquid refrigerant rapid evaporation (boiling) into the steam to absorb the temperature of the object is cooled so that the temperature drop to achieve the refrigeration purpose. 

Evaporator according to the different cooling medium can be divided into cooling liquid evaporator and cooling air evaporator two categories. Air conditioners are used in the mechanical hair dryer finned tube evaporator. A finned evaporator is a type of heat exchanger, a component that evaporates a refrigerant liquid by heat absorption in a 

refrigeration system, and an air-cooled condenser while the heat pump is operating. 

Fins set into the tube according to the provisions of the film from the tube, with tube expansion method to close the tube bundle. It is made up of fins, tube packs, side plates, dispenser (or pipette), manifolds and capillaries. 

3. Evaporation - Condenser: Evaporation - Condenser is a type of heat exchanger that utilizes the refrigerant 

gas flowing out of the evaporator to overheat the refrigerant liquid before throttling and superheat the refrigerant vapor before it is drawn into the compressor. 

It is mainly used in the refrigeration system of the heat recovery circuit. 

4, the common types of heat exchanger: Many types of fin type heat exchangers, according to their different places and their different uses, designed for different specifications of the heat exchanger. The most common heat exchanger as shown below

condenser and evaporator (5).jpg


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