What Is The Location, Operation, Construction, And Maintenance Of Charge Air Cooler In Diesel Engines?

- Dec 27, 2017-

The Charge Air Cooler in Diesel Engines

From this article you could understand concept of charge air coolers, and their operation, construction, and maintenance. To find the causes of fouling in colder, the position of the engine and the method of cleaning charge air coolers.

Charge air cooler is located in the side of the turbocharger compressor and engine intake manifold or exhaust manifold.The diagram below shows the charge air cooler location.Between turbocharger and engine inlet position of the charge air cooler should make that the temperature of turbo air at the exit of charge air cooler in due to the heating condition of the engine room into the engine cylinder before should not be increased.In order to avoid this kind of situation, charge air cooler should be as close to the engine cylinder.In addition, charge air coolers and air between the engine intake manifold piping should be insulated, to avoid the raise of air temperatures.

Location of Cooler on Large Diesel Engine


If Air cooler dirt, its influence on the engine When air cooler becomme dirty, less heat transfer from air to the cooling water (usually fresh water).This is indicated by the change of air temperature and cooling water temperature and the pressure drop through the air cooler.In order to measure the pressure drop in the charge air cooler, connection between the entry and exit of a pressure gauge.The pressure drop quantity depends on the degree and nature of dirt.

Air pollution indicator:

1. On the charge air cooler air pressure drop increases.

2. Reduce the air temperature difference between the air cooler.

3. Remove the air temperature rise.

4. From all cylinder exhaust gas temperature.

The cooling water side fouling indications:

1. Remove the air temperature rise.

2. Reduce the air temperature of the air cooler.

3. If there is dirt on the pipe, the lower the temperature of cooling water on either side 

of the cooler.

4. All cylinder exhaust temperature will rise.

5. Cooling water temperature, due to pipe scaling or plugging material in the cooling water 

flow rate to decrease

Air cleaning methods:

Air side of the fin can use low pressure compressed air to clean. The air cooler in chemical bath a period of time, can clean the air side. This will remove all the sediment in the air.Another kind of clean air way is to use low pressure water jet.

Note: the use of very high pressure may cause the fin bend, so as to cause permanent damage to the air cooler.

Fresh water cleaning method:

For soft sediment water side, the cooler into chemical bath.After a period of time, remove the cooler, and then clean with clear water under higher than the temperature of the ambient temperature.In general, it is best to use the pump and drum to circulating water.

For hard sediment, the use of long drill on the hard sediment on the tube.Please note that this need experts to drill hard ore, because small mistake can damage of drilling pipe.