What Is The Main Advantages Of CO2 Refrigerant?

- Mar 13, 2018-

The main advantages of CO2 refrigerant

1. CO2 is a natural substance. ODP=0, GWP=1.Using CO2 as refrigeratant, has no damage to atmospheric ozone layer, can reduce the greenhouse effect, global sources, no need to recycle, can greatly reduce the refrigerant replacement costs, save energy, fundamentally solve the pollution problem of the compounds to the environment, has a good economy.

2. CO2 is safe and non-flammable, and has good thermal stability, even at high temperature, it will not decompose harmful gases.In case of leakage, there is no harm to human body, food or ecology.

3. CO2 has the thermal properties suitable for refrigeration cycle and equipment.Molecular weight is small, the refrigeration capacity is big, the unit of 0 ℃ refrigerating capacity is higher than conventional refrigerant 5 ~ 8 times. 

 And for the same cooling load of the refrigeration system, the size of the compressor can be obviously reduced, the weight, the whole system is very compact. The lubricating condition is easy to satisfy, and the common materials of 

refrigeration system are not corroded.It can improve the sealing performance of the open type compressor and reduce the leakage.

4. Viscosity of CO2 and 0 ℃ when the movement of CO2 saturated liquid viscosity is only 5.2% of NH3, 23.8% of R12, fluid flow resistance is small, the heat transfer performance is better than class CFC refrigerants, can improve the heat dissipation of enclosed refrigeration compressor.