What Is The Principle Of Condensers And How To Replace Copper Tubes Of Condenser?

- Mar 23, 2018-

A condenser is an important part of a refrigerating system that converts gases or vapors into liquid, and the heat in the pipe is transferred to the air near the pipe in a very quick manner.

In the industrial production, the condenser has been widely used through this physics principle.

In addition, the condensing copper tube plays a very important role in the condenser.

The working principle of copper tube - condenser.

For some applications, the gas through a long tube (usually in solenoid), in order to let the heat lost to the surrounding air, the thermal conductivity of metal such as copper is often used in steam.

In order to improve the efficiency of the condenser, it is often added additional heat sinks to the pipeline to accelerate the heat dissipation.The radiator is a plate made of good thermal conductive metal.

This type of condenser generally uses a fan to force the air through the heat sink and take the heat away.

The refrigeration principle compressor of the general refrigerating machine is used to compress the low pressure steam into high pressure steam, which reduces the volume of steam and increases the pressure.

Compressor suction from the evaporator working medium low pressure steam, after pressure into the condenser, cold high pressure of the liquid condensed in the condenser, the throttle valve throttle, become low pressure liquid, into the evaporator, the evaporator of heat to evaporate and become a low pressure steam, thus complete the refrigeration cycle.

The method of changing copper tube of copper tube condenser .

1. Measure all the parameters of the copper tube to be replaced.

The parameter is the inner diameter of copper pipe, thickness, even material and so on need to be familiar with and detailed master, otherwise will impact the later maintenance replacement.

2. Select the appropriate equipment, mainly for the diameter of copper tube.

3. Preliminarily infer, judge and predict the fracture position of the copper tube so as to determine the main attack direction of the tube.

The condenser and evaporator must be regular, which has been verified many times in actual work and maintenance.

It is suggested that the first attempt should be made to pull out one of the damaged copper pipes, so as to locate the damaged location and select the copper pipe to exit the end face.

4. It is better to carry out construction with hydraulic pipe extractor.

There is no difference between the three and the five, and if you change more than ten, the difference is too great. If it's hundreds, it's not the same thing.

5. Clean the shell of the condenser and evaporator.

When the necessary replacement is removed, the cleaning becomes the first job.At this time due to the water evaporator and condenser shell side rust and dirt is more, choose high pressure water or other volatile solvent for cleaning, mixed and try to remove unnecessary other substances, increases the maintenance difficulty.

6. Protection of partitions and support problems.

Partition easily rupture were of brass and at the other end of the mouth to pull the movement and deformation, then leave a good support, but in the end wear tube still very laborious, deviation is very big, there are a few root is forcibly chisel in finally, it is what circumstance, can't afford not to.(this one is extremely easy to overlook, especially when replacing the copper tube with more local occasions)

7. The process requirements of the expansion tube are of critical importance, which is related to the warranty, the operation of the unit and the closeness of the unit.There are other details that need to be explored in practice, which is a complete maintenance system and technical process.

Condenser occupies very important position in industrial production, whether it will affect our production operation, the normal conduct of life, more important parts of the condensation copper pipe and the condenser, damage repair, change some things, often to understand these common sense or very be necessary.