What Is The Process Of Ammonia Evaporator?

- Dec 16, 2017-

The process of ammonia evaporator:

Aqua ammonia in tank, through the throttle valve to drop pressure, after cooling into the separator, and mix the ammonia vapor from the ammonia evaporator, the temperature further reduced, and then insert the ammonia evaporator, by absorbing the heat of the water passing through the ammonia evaporator, liquid ammonia changes from liquid to gaseous (while the temperature of the water is reduced). Ammonia after conversion change to gas into the separator again, the liquid ammonia carried in the process of rising out, And throttling valve together with the ammonia into the ammonia evaporator; gas from the separator, was sucted by compressor, compressed to a 

certain pressure then into the condenser, cooled by cooling water, ammonia change from gas to the liquid then into the tank and continue to cycle refrigeration.